Reasons for you to use an online examination system

The frontiers of education are spreading far and wide. Gone are the days where education was
limited to a blackboard along with 4 walls of a classroom, as because of advanced technology
education has expanded on to your fingertips. An online examination system has scripted a new
chapter not only on education frontiers but the way even how an examination is conducted. Most of
the educational institutions are relying on technology on how to formulate question papers,
examination fees. Even it is available online so that they can be streamlined as it is possible to track
things easily. Once you rely on the use of an online examination system it bestows various benefits.
In fact, there are various benefits of an online examination system in comparison to a paper-based
examination. Now let us explore the reasons on what might convince you to opt for an online
examination system.

online examination system

Security in terms of an examination paper

With an online examination system, security along with flexibility is a vital cog in the wheel as far as
an examination system is concerned. Once you go on to upload all the questions on to the system, it
could shuffle and provide questions to various students in different orders. This cuts down on the
possibility of cheating.

But this is not possible for a paper-based exam as an individual question paper cannot be printed for
every student as it can provide leeway for malpractices. There also exists a possibility where the
paper could be leaked once you pass it to various examination centres. You could down on the risk
levels with the use of an online examination centre.

Quick and fast processing

In an online exam, the results are calculated accurately and in a fast way. Whereas in a paper-based
exam there are a lot of steps involved taking up a lot of time. The net result is a lot of mistakes tend
to flare up making the process complicated.

Gone are the days of an examination centre

As far as an online examination is concerned the test can be conducted anywhere where a candidate
wishes. An extra degree of surveillance can be undertaken with a microphone along with a web
camera. Such a method of the conducing exam is termed as remote proctoring. The moment an exam is
conducted in a remote manner thousands of students can appear for an exam as there is no need to
be spending a lot of time along with accommodation. This also deals with the problem to schedule
exams across a host of centres, to hire invigilators or even to be providing security to the exam

Trimming down the logistic costs

When it is an online exam the logistics cost is a bare minimum. The process of examination is
managed with the aid of technology. It really works out to be a blessing in disguise when you are
planning to conduct examinations across multiple centres in various locations. The processing of the test result is done online as the logistics cost is limited. When it is a paper-based exam the cost of logistics shoots up as the question papers along with answers have to be

delivered on to a designated centre within a given time frame. There also needs to be a system in
a place where the answer papers are collected from the designated exam centres on to a certain
location for further processing.

Works beneficial for subjective exams

A host of online subjective exams are there where a candidate has to write the answers in simple
English with limited or the use of symbols or diagrams. With an online exam there can be limitations
as far as diagrams, drawing is concerned. On the other hand with a paper based exam there is no
form of any limitations arising.

In addition to this when you go for an online based exam there is a reduction in terms of cost in
comparison to an online exam. Hardly the cost works out to be in the bracket of Rs 10 to Rs 50 when
it is the case of an online exam. On the other side of the coin the cost of a paper based exam is Rs
300 to Rs 400. For this reason an online exam becomes affordable and easy to supervise for the
educational hubs.

Generation of question paper

Once you go on to do a question paper in digital way it reduces the time and effort. Even there is a
slight chance as far as leakage of the paper is concerned. To design a question paper for a paper
based exam seems to be a really difficult task. Endless number of objectives come into the picture
like manual selection of the question paper, to design the paper and then even to be printing the
paper. Last but not the least even distribution of the question paper to the various examination
centres in a secure manner is another point of consideration.

Flexibility in terms of exam management

With an online exam flexibility is provided to design an exam paper, grade them as there can be
different question paper for a host of students. But this is in complete contrast to a traditional form
of exam as there is no form of flexibility provided as last minute changes or corrections are not the
preferred format or choice in any way.

Ranking along with result analysis

When you are appearing for an online exam result analysis is instant and easy. By an online exam
detailed analysis, ranking or subject wise evaluation is possible. For shortlisting process of further
decision making it is possible. Though on the traditional exam pattern the process is time consuming
and is known to complicate things. The administrative task really ceases to be immense. Even many
examiners are involved in the final compilation of the result. The worst part is that the results could
be error prone

To sum it up these are some benefits of an online examination centre.

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