12+ Best and Fastest VPN Apps For Android in (March 2020)

Best and Fastest Android VPN Application – Virtual Private Networks (VPN) is one of the best security tools to explore the vastness of cyberspace. You can use this VPN to surf via public WiFi for example, without fear of security problems.

VPNs can penetrate firewalls, can also open any content that is blocked by the government. To be honest, many VPN users usually aim only to open blocked sites. But whatever the reason, no one cares.

Especially if you use an Android smartphone that can be regarded as the largest mobile operating system in the world. Therefore, the choice of the best free VPN application, of course, there are so many. Because of the many, surely you feel confused to look for the best and free.

Some things that can be considered when choosing a VPN include a user-friendly appearance that is easy to operate, then privacy, speed and quota issues that can be used.

Therefore, here we will list the best Android VPN applications and all of them can be used without root.

Best VPN apps for Android in March 2020

The following are some of the best VPN application options according to OHG team compiled from various well-known sources. The VPN applications below have been selected so there are only the best and the fastest free VPN applications

1. Betternet Hotspot VPN & Private Browser

Betternet Hotspot VPN & Private Browser

Betternet is one of the best VPN applications for Android. Many people like it because Betternet does not save anything from its users so that our privacy will be safe. Its speed is quite fast and very easy to use.

To maintain the free version, Betternet displays sponsored video ads and applications. The premium version is also available at a price of $ 2.99 per month for a year. The internet is very transparent to what this application can do.

Name Betternet Hotspot VPN & Private Browser
Total Downloads 50 Million +
Size 15MB
Offered by Betternet LLC
Google Play Rating 4.3
Price Free

2. Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN is a new player in the Android VPN industry. Although it’s new, Turbo VPN has received a variety of positive responses.

That is caused by several things, such as its stable and indeed fast speed and ads that are not too annoying, because it is only displayed for 3 seconds.

The time to connect to the server is also very fast. Therefore it is not surprising that Turbo VPN is always at the top in the search for VPN for Android. It also makes Turbo VPN one of the best VPN applications we recommend.

Name Turbo VPN
Total Downloads 100 Million +
Size 9.6MB
Offered by Innovative Connecting
Google Play Rating 4.6
Price Free

3. Thunder VPN

Thunder VPN

Thunder VPN is a VPN application that was recently launched. Thunder VPN is launched with a variety of excellent features such as unlimited quota, no search data is retrieved and consists of many servers spread all over the world.

The display in the application is also easy to understand and the speed provided is also not so bad. As a new VPN application, Thunder VPN is a good choice among all other free Android VPN applications.

Name Thunder VPN
Total Downloads 10 Million +
Size 5.3MB
Offered by Signal Lab
Google Play Rating 4.6
Price Free

4. FinchVPN


Finch Free VPN is a standard VPN application like the others, you can use the region-locked feature to maintain the privacy of your browsing.

The free version itself provides a bandwidth of 3 GB, while the Pro version which is valued at $ 1.61 per month gets a bandwidth of 25 GB.

And finally, the premier version gets unlimited bandwidth at a price of $ 3.21 per month. Finch Free VPN also supports OpenVPN, firewall applications and more. More importantly, this VPN application does not store user data.

Name Free & Premium VPN – FinchVPN
Total Downloads 1 Million +
Size 10MB
Offered by Finch Technology Enterprise
Google Play Rating 4.2
Price Free

5. Hola Free VPN

Hola Free VPN

Hola VPN is one of the most popular VPNs with more than 50 million downloads. Even with only the free version, Hola Free VPN provides a lot of server options.

Besides VPN, Hola also has a Hola Browser based on Lightning Browser with a Mozilla public license. The premium version of Hola VPN offers privacy protection, faster servers and streaming capabilities on all video sites.

Name Hideman VPN
Total Downloads 50 million
Size 15MB
Offered by Unrestricted Internet
Google Play Rating 4.5
Price Free

6. OpenVPN Connect


OpenVPN Connect is a VPN application that is “absolutely” free on Android. This application is open-source which can be a plus in itself.

To run OpenVPN requires even more knowledge because you can’t use it with just one click.

You have to import files with the .ovpn extension and enter a few things in the settings. This VPN application also uses PolarSSL which can be said to be very good in terms of security. It is strongly recommended to stay away from this application if you do not understand how to run it.

Name OpenVPN Connect
Total Downloads 10 Million +
Size 3.6MB
Offered by OpenVPN
Google Play Rating 4.2
Price Free

7. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN can be used as a reference when you are looking for a VPN application for Android. This application has several advantages such as unlimited quota, has many server locations and privacy policies that will not take your data.

The free version of ProtonVPN already looks very good and is enough for most people.

While the premium version of the Swiss-based application offers better speeds, more servers, more devices and Tor support.

Name ProtonVPN
Total Downloads 1 Million +
Size 29MB
Offered by ProtonVPN AG
Google Play Rating 4.1
Price Free

8. SpeedVPN

SpeedVPN is one VPN that is rarely found on Android. This application has a unique feature, i.e. your connection will be disconnected after being connected for 240 minutes.

But you can still reconnect it easily and can be done anytime, there are no restrictions.

With such a mechanism, the bandwidth of this application can be said unlimited but we feel it is inefficient because we have to reconnect the VPN after 240 minutes of use.

Name SpeedVPN Free VPN Proxy
Total Downloads 10 Million +
Size 7.6MB
Offered by GoSpeed ​​Software
Google Play Rating 4.4
Price Free

9. SurfEasy VPN

SurfEasy VPN has the same developer as Opera Free VPN and this application has a variety of interesting features. Your private data will not be taken, so your privacy will be safer.

What’s more, SurfEasy VPN is one of the few Android VPN applications that has a torrent file download feature.

SurfEasy has 500 servers in 28 countries, but the free version only provides 500MB of data bandwidth. You can pay $ 3.99 per month to get unlimited data and $ 6.49 per month to get the torrent feature.

Name SurfEasy Secure Android VPN
Total Downloads 5 Million +
Size 23MB
Offered by SurfEasy Inc
Google Play Rating 4.6
Price Free

10. TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear VPN is the best VPN application that has been popular since on PC. The free version only provides 500MB of data per month.

You can upgrade to unlimited by paying $ 9.99 per month, this price tends to be more expensive compared to its competitors, but the big name TunnelBear makes it more trusted by many people.

And you can also directly pay in full a year for $ 59.88 per year.

Name TunnelBear VPN
Total Downloads 10 Million +
Size 17MB
Offered by TunnelBear, LLC
Google Play Rating 4.4
Price Free

11. VPN Robot

VPN Robot is also new to the Android VPN industry, but this application can do everything that most Android VPN applications like it can do.

There are approximately 61 countries with 2410 servers to choose from, you can also choose the fastest server right away. This application also doesn’t need an account or login to use it.

For free, you also get unlimited bandwidth. But of course there are advertisements that will decorate your smartphone screen.

Name VPN Robot
Total Downloads 10 Million +
Size 9.2MB
Offered by Lemon Clove
Google Play Rating 4.4
Price Free

12. Snap Master VPN

VPN Master is a new VPN. This application has a variety of countries to choose from.

There is nothing that can be discussed in this application because there really isn’t anything special that can be discussed besides the cheap premium price which is only $ 2.99 per month.

Snap Master VPN offers convenience for you by not requiring login or registration and has unlimited quota even on the free version.

Name Free VPN & security unblock proxy – Snap Master VPN
Total Downloads 50 Million +
Size 9.9MB
Offered by Innovative Connecting
Google Play Rating 4.6
Price Free

13. Windscribe VPN

Windscribe VPN provides users with a free quota of 10 GB per month for this application. A 10 GB quota should be enough for people who use VPN to simply unblock a website.

In addition, Windscribe’s privacy policy that won’t take your data is also worthy of consideration, the free version of Windscribe has a choice of 10 countries and many other features. Whereas in the premium version, there is a choice of up to 50 servers and unlimited quota.

Name Windscribe VPN
Total Downloads 1 Million +
Size 19MB
Offered by Windscribe
Google Play Rating 4.3
Price Free

14. Hotspot Shield Free VPN

Just like the PC version, the Android version of Hotspot Shield is also widely known to be one of the best free VPN applications. You who use the free version will get a quota of 500MB per day.

In terms of security, Hotspot Shield has encryption that is said to be safe for accessing banks or shopping online without fear of data theft.

Besides being safe, Hotspot Shield is also very easy for everyone to use. There is also a choice of premium trial for 7 days that can make you enjoy a variety of premium features from Hotspot Shield such as unlimited quota and better speed.

Name Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy
Total Downloads 50 Million +
Size 15MB
Offered by AnchorFree GmbH
Google Play Rating 4.2
Price Free

That’s the complete list of the best and free VPNs you can get on Android. All of the above Android VPN applications can be downloaded directly through the Play Store on your Android smartphone.

In addition to Android, the best VPN articles for PCs are also available at OHG, see you next time.

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